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       You can turn, just a steel drum or box, into an attractive, functional wood stove. Our  3 5/8" OD  Fisher style draft control knobs have (2 5/8" ID center air relief ) see the drawing below. Draft Knobs  are available, made from aluminum , yellow brass or ( palatable Silicon Bronze ). Sold only in pairs. The kit may include or may not include bolts & nuts, click the web store link for details. Please note that we offer several styles of draft knobs in our store. See the in stock tag under the product photo, if we are out of stock you should see add 2 weeks tag or other related tags. Do to the heat that they must endure during service. Aluminum threads will always have a shorter life span than brass, bronze or steel threads.  Our most popular knob has both steel threads and the fast, heat dissipating quality of aluminum, shown below ( green back ground.) This is an important consideration
when choosing draft control knobs.Draft knob
          Barr Casting Inc. Now owns the vintage Fisher draft knob pattern. Our customers use Draft Knobs to
 customize, upgrade, or convert any standard wood stove or other device that needs a hand air, draft control. Please call for larger quantity factory direct price brakes. For your custom paint or polishing needs, just write or call. You can buy one pair or 100 pair or more.
Simply thread a draft knob onto a long carriage bolt, double nut the bolt to your stove door, and that's it! Use standard bolts or carriage bolts. Do it your seller's, please note, that all carriage bolt  heads must be ground to a diameter no larger than 15/16"to allow the bolt head to fit down in the knob so that it can fully open for a strong draft. Note we do sell a convenient, prepared bolt, hardware kit that can be purchased separately or included in some kits. See the  Web store link  Please note a bolt set is (2)   1/2"x 3"1/2
Carriage bolts and (4)  1/2" nuts.)          

Our adjustable draft control knobs work with or without 
a Stove pipe Damper (link), remember a stove pipe damper will help to hold in the heat $$ so that it is not all lost up the stack. Our prayers go out to those of you caught in the cold without a, simple to build, wood heater/stove. You can turn just a steel drum or box into a functional wood heater. For more information on stove pipe damper click the link. 
                                                 Brass draft knob
       Silicon bronze or Yellow brass draft knob are sold only in pairs.
A steel nut cast into place is standard, it will extend the thread life. Silicon Bronze draft knobs  can be cast with out the steal nut IE silicon bronze threads, Look for the thread type tag  below the product photo in the web store or call us 503-771-3346
Safety first
. Read and understand your building codes.  
Please see the side view 4 fin Draft Knob mount detail below. 
Please see the door  isometric drawing below that.
Note that in the closed position the carriage bolt head is the plated hole cap.
This, most popular, style of draft knob is
                     3 5/8"OD  2 5/8" ID, center relief .
side view

         Draft knob mounting   

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