Three 8"x48"cast bronze plaques tell a story of a Covallis Oregon hospital's development. Side walk art.

OSU Plaque

Side falls  Old Highway Columbia Gorge Oregon.

side falls

Photo of the week!

Barr Casting Inc. is proud to have made the cast bronze parts needed to restore this vintage Mercedes Benz, 


A356 aluminum food prosesing auger castings, no T6
Please note, that portions of each blade are back drafted


Plque Photo  

Cell Phone photo


This customer wanted a duplicate shrink compensated windshield frame in silicon bronze.

Duplicat windshild

This beautiful plaque is on its way to a New York city hospital.
30"x 34" silicon bronze plaque
Art by Rob Arps

wood 2.jpg

    Ceasars Palace  front desk - Las Vegas  U.S.A.           

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