So you want to make a Plaque                            
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     Instruction:  First you will need to make a pattern
Step (1) Using your computer, choose your font, type up the wording.  Layout  the lettering and border or logo the way that you want it. We can provide   computer service for you, buy the hour, if you wish.
        (2) Choose your  back ground at the  bottom of this page. We will then add it in for you. Just let us know which  # number background that you want. Scroll down to the lower portion of this page to make your choices.
                  (3) E mail your work with the size that you want the plaque to be to
         This type of pattern is available up to a size of 52"x 80" The foundry will adjust to a castabal thickness. That's it, you are done, customized per your wishes.
        (4)   Now you will need to buy the Plaque casting  Call or E mail Barr Casting for current  finished plaque casting prices.   A min charge of $100.00 will apply to all casting order invoices.

         Don't forget to add the price of the pattern to the price of the casting plus your mark up if any.
    Please note For the most highly refined lettering you will need an acid etching for a pattern. All the steps are the same.  This type of pattern is only available in a flat background.
    Some plaques will require some traditional art work for example a low relief face. You may want to consider a combination of computerized and traditional art work. We work with both local and nationally renowned artist's. Send us your request for quote for specialty plaques, for instance, added art elements or other incorporated fabrications.  You can see more photos of our plaques at this link  Photo of the week 
    exsapel of face                       River Plaque 

6'8.50x4',25 bronze plaque
                      This is a   6'8.50 x 4'4.25   406 lb  Silicon bronze plaque    May 22/07
Rister plaque